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Charging Horse Casino
Charging Horse Casino and Bingo boasts a 40-seat family-style restaurant serving wonderful food in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. We can accommodate buses and ask you call ahead to insure we are able to serve your passengers promptly. Enjoy our famous homemade fry bread or an Indian Taco. Also try our homemade Apple, Cherry, and Blueberry pies. Charging Horse Casino has the menu option to satisfy. Stop by and enjoy a meal with us and let us prove to you that Charging Horse is truly an extension of our community, and we really do make our guests feel welcome!

Our Sample Menus
Breakfast Menu ~ Tacos&Things; Menu ~ Lunch Meun ~ Pizza Menu ~ Dinner Menu

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Charging Horse Casino & Bingo
P.O. Box 1259
Lame Deer, MT 59043